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Cookies is commonly referred to as the Website, Site, Company, We, Us, and Our throughout this document. When addressing individuals who utilize the features and services provided by, we use the term You. In this document, we provide an explanation of how and why we utilize Cookies.

Definition of Cookies:

Cookies are small files that are automatically sent to your personal computer or mobile device when you access the Website. These files store information related to your previous actions, preferences, and login data. They are transferred from our service to your computer or mobile device with the aim of enhancing your overall experience.

It is important to note that the information stored in Cookies does not personally identify you and does not contain any individual-specific data. Rather, these files enable us to understand your preferences and the choices you make while using the Website.

While it is possible for you to manually disable Cookies in your Internet browser, please be aware that doing so may impact the proper functioning of the Website. Disabling Cookies may result in certain functions and features becoming either unavailable or only partially accessible.

Types of Cookies We Utilize:

We employ Session Cookies, which collect temporary information about your interactions with the Website and are automatically deleted from your computer once you close the Website.

Purposes of Cookie Usage:

  • Customer service: Cookies assist us in providing you with online messaging and chat capabilities with our Customer Support team.
  • Sign-in data: Cookies help maintain your signed-in status.
  • Tracking your activity: We utilize tools like Google Analytics to monitor your activity and customize our services accordingly.
  • Google services: We utilize Cookies associated with Google services, such as Maps or Gmail, to gather information regarding your actions and behavior.
  • Session cookies: These files enable us to support your sessions on the Website and are removed from your device upon closing the Website.
  • Specific content: Cookies allow us to identify your location, type of Internet equipment, and other specific information, thereby enabling the delivery of device- and country-specific content.
  • Facebook and Twitter Cookies: We also utilize Cookies that facilitate content sharing and commenting through social media platforms, in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook plugins.
  • Targeted advertisement: Cookies are employed to display relevant promotional content based on your previous choices, thereby personalizing your experience.
  • Enhanced user experience: Through Cookies, the Website “remembers” your preferences and actions, ensuring that repetitive pop-up messages are not shown if you have already viewed them.

Managing Cookies:

You have the right to disable Cookie exchange or delete Cookies from your computer. However, please note that by doing so, we cannot guarantee the correct operation of the Website and its features. Certain functions may become unavailable.

We rely on Cookies to improve our services, analyze user behavior, and develop effective marketing strategies. Google Analytics allows us to collect and store information about your interactions with the Site, which aids us in enhancing our services, introducing new features, and providing you with better, more tailored options.

Additional Information:

  • For more information on how Google Analytics operates, please visit this link:
  • To gain a deeper understanding of Cookies and their role in marketing, we recommend reading:

Please remember that Cookies do not personally identify you. They are technical details that assist us in gaining insights into your online behavior, preferences, location, and other relevant information. Cookies do not include your name, address, contact information, age, or any other data that could be considered confidential.