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Generate various academic papers in minutes and deal with your writing tasks times faster than before. Effortlessly create full-fledged original essays, reviews, research papers, and other academic works out of just several phrases. Start using AI Writers free today and forget about writer’s block or missing deadlines!

AI Text Generator Tooled Specifically for Academic Writing

Designed for students and tooled for academic writing from scratch, text generator AI Writers was initially created as a specialized utility for students who need to routinely craft a lot of papers. Advanced AI-based algorithms were developed, trained, and optimized to comply with the highest standards of academic writing. As a result, AI-Writers makes an outstanding tool students can use to ace most various written assignments colleges and universities throw at them!

Best AI content generator for academic writing

Clear & concise style

Rigid structure

Formal & impersonal language

Declarative statements

No generalizations & repetitions

Subject-specific terminology

Aimed at a scholarly audience

No wabbling

No exaggerations or hyperboles

Non-biased & evidence-based content

Academic writing relies on research, factual evidence, and scholars’ opinions. To nail it, you can rely on AI-Writers!

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Smoothly bring the Artificial Intelligence tool into your studying workflow, augment your writing, and create A-level academic content in minutes, not hours or days.

Break Writer’s Block

Want to craft a paper by yourself but don’t know how to start? Ask the AI-Writers tool to compose an introduction to your piece and break through your writer’s block.

Get Perfectly Structured Text

The AI-Writers content generation tool knows how to properly structure an argumentative essay or research paper to convey your message effectively.

Enjoy Professional Content Quality

Having been trained on terabytes of relevant content, AI-based algorithms instantly create various types of papers up to a professional academic writing standard.

Come Up with Original Ideas

Our utility can help you consistently stay top-of-mind and routinely spark interesting and innovative ideas in order to produce outstanding academic papers.

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Start Using AI Writer Free, Pay Pennies as You Go!

To start using the content generator AI Writers hosts, you’ll need to register for free using a valid email. Then, take the following steps:

When on the content generation page, set the maximum length of text chunks to generate (up to 100, the default is 50).

In the main window, tell the AI what output you want to achieve. Also, type in or paste any additional instructions you have and additional context for a more relevant result.

Hit the “Generate” button. The AI will generate chunks of text sized as you’ve set in the previous step. The first 300 words are generated for free. Then, every 4000 words cost just $5!

Keep generating until you deem necessary. Alternatively, you can generate paper by parts, for example, introduction, body parts, conclusion.

Once the text is ready, you only need to copy it to a word processor and format it according to your preferences.

Our tool is an AI writing assistant that helps you craft high-quality academic content in minutes, at a fraction of the cost!

Ready to write faster and better with AI?

Write Faster, Anything! – AI Content Generator for Any Writing Task

Not a great writer? Don’t know how to structure this or that type of academic paper? Simply don’t have time to craft a piece single-handedly? Let us generate plagiarism-free text according to your requirements – it’s quick and easy with AI-Writers!

Hassle free AI writer tool for any occasion

Since AI-Writers was specifically designed for academic writing, it can quickly generate remarkable content to ace popular types of academic papers!

All kinds of essays

Review (literature, book, movie)


Research paper

Creative writing

Question & answer

Thesis or its chapter

Dissertation or its chapter


Term paper

Research proposal



Admission essay

Application letter

Personal statement

Cover letter

and more!

That said, as we’ve fed our AI generator text content in terabytes, it can write skillfully on nearly every topic for virtually any subject out there!





















and other!

So, stop worrying about how you’re going to develop your paper on time and start using AI-Writers for quick results!

Best AI-Writers Customer Reviews

Read what thousands of users are saying about AI-Writers



Great tool! It really feels like the text was written by a human, so versatile it is! At the same time, it meets all the standards for classic academic writing accepted in US colleges.



Good stuff, helped me start an essay about

protests in Iran, which I then finished myself. 300 free words are enough for

any introduction. And then, you can register with another email and go again.



It works. No, I mean it. The tool generates

decent text, so when I tried it for free, I didn’t stop when I reached the

limit and paid to continue. After all, $5 is less than two cups of coffee at




Nice tool for international students, it

saved me hours and hours!



OMG, this website is awesome! $10 – and I’ve got 2 essays, 1 research paper, a review, a research proposal, and a couple

thousand words in reserve.


Ye Joon

I generated an outline for an argumentative essay for free. It was really good and helped me to write a paper much faster. Still have free words left, but I’ll probably buy more words later.

AI Writer Generator FAQs

Is AI-Writers a free AI content generator?

You can register with AI-Writers and start using our content generator absolutely for free. However, the amount of words available for free generating is limited to 300. Once you’re maxed out, you can purchase 4000 words for just $5 and keep generating. No expiration date applies to these words, meaning you can use them at any time in the future.

Is your AI content generator free from plagiarism?

Yes, the AI-Writers content generation tool creates original texts, much like a human writer composes them from scratch.

Will the text generated by AI-Writers pass an AI content detector?

There are dozens and dozens of AI content detectors out there, both free and paid. They use various methods and algorithms to spot AI-generated content that are often based on such concepts as text’s perplexity and burstiness. The thing is, they are best applicable for creative than academic writing. Moreover, the specifics of AI content detectors are that they mostly don’t show the parts of the text they think were created by AI. Instead, they show the probability of the entire text being generated by AI. It’s not uncommon when a human-written text is estimated as AI-generated with a 50% probability. As a result, we cannot guarantee that the generated text will pass all AI content detector checks, as the technology is yet far from robust and dependable.

Do you have other AI tools for writers, for example, a grammar checker or citation generator?

We are planning on expanding the directory of AI-based writing assistance tools to make the lives of students easier and let them accomplish writing tasks faster and better.

Will AI replace writers?

Perhaps, partially. Most likely, routine tasks like writing on some technical concepts or reporting on topics like stock market changes, weather, or sports results will be sooner or later taken over by AI. However, genuinely creative and well-curated academic writing will long remain a purely human domain.